Friends and more

Team Angelica

Run by forces of nature Rikki Beadle-Blair and John Russell Gordon, Team Angelica produce groundbreaking plays, prose collections, novels, performances and much more.

Pegasus Opera

A multi-racial touring opera company who produce amazing operas that are accessible to all.

Polari Literary Salon

Author and journalist Paul Burston is the ringmaster at this regular LGBTQ+ literary extravaganza taking place on the South Bank in London, and now all over the UK.

Off The Wall Players

Off The Wall Players are an emerging theatre company based in Shoreditch performing unique and eclectic pieces by new writers.

London Screenwriters’ Festival

A must-attend event in London which gets bigger and better every year.

Finger In The Pie

Great theatre, cabaret, workshops, events and much more. Will bring out the performer in you, no matter how hard you’ve tried to hide it.

Bush Theatre

Great venue for new writing and networking. Also sports a theatrical library you can lose yourself in for days.

Martin Percy

An award-winning filmmaker who dedicates himself to understanding and demonstrating what can be done by combining film and interactivity. See some of his work at Unit 9.


A hugely comprehensive ‘how to’ guide for everything screenwriting, compiled by Lucy V. Hay.

Riccardo Sai

Riccardo is a passionate and charismatic award-winning director with a very characteristic sense for aesthetics and style.

Aaron Hubbard

A fantastic film and play writer, who has also conducted interviews with writers on inspires them, their habits, their philosophy, how their projects grow.

Ellie Irving

Author of hilarious books for over 8s about record breakers, elective mutes, sheep rustlers and more. All her books are autobiographical.

Gemma Mills McGrath

Gemma writes plays, stories and poems – her work tends toward the darker side of life, but there is hope, heart and humour in the mix.