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Hello and thanks for visiting my site.

I live in south London, where I write fiction, screenplays and plays. I love stories about outsiders, and I write comedy more than any other genre, but I’ve also written thrillers and horror. I’m currently midway through editing a novel, hence me writing this mini-biog as a displacement activity.

I’m represented by WGM Atlantic. I have a MA in Screenwriting from University of The Arts (London College of Communication) and I’m lucky enough to have had my work optioned, performed and published. I’m currently working on several projects with producers and directors, alongside other speculative work.

I help run a longstanding workshop group and the London Writers’ Meetup group with writing coach and animation writer Katy Segrove.

Get in touch via my agents WGM Atlantic, on social media, or below if you want to find out more about my work, collaborate or just want to say hello.

Pic by Julia Hawkins

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